What are some Common Allergens & Food Allergies?

Common Allergens and Food Allergies

It ‘s not always easy to identify allergens. To avoid suffering, try to figure out which substances cause problems for you. Then stay away from them as much as possible. Here are some of the most common allergies:

Pollen allergies

Certain trees, grasses and weeds reproduce by forming pollen – a fine, powdery substance that is carried by air from the male structures to the female ones. Plain-looking trees, grasses and weeds, rather than plants with bright flowers, produce the types of pollen that usually trigger allergies.

Mold and mite allergies

People who suffer these allergies breathe in dead dust mite particles, mite droppings and mold, which contain  allergenic proteins.

Common Allergens

Common Allergens and Food Allergies

Animal allergies

Many people mistakenly think that animal allergies are caused by pet hair or fur;   oil secretions in the animals’ skin account for most cat and dog allergies. The oil is spread throughout the environment by dander (dead skin that flakes off your pet’s body.)

Bee and wasp allergies

These insects are attracted to sweet smells, garbage and perfumes and they’re most dangerous when defending their nests. If the allergy is severe, desensitisation shots will likely be recommended.

Medication allergies

Drugs most likely to cause a reaction are:  antibiotics, especially penicillin, tetracycline and sulfonamides, and local anesthetics in the “caine” family, such as lido-caine and procaine

Food allergies

A food allergy is a response by your immune system to a food – often peanuts or shellfish – that it mistakes for a threat. These allergies are less common than people think; often what is mistaken for an allergy is actually an intolerance.

Contact allergies

Allergens include latex, powders,  lotions or metals, particularly metals that contain a lot of nickel. Typical symptoms are itching, rashes or hives, and avoidance is the best prevention.
Some serious allergies, like a severe bee or wasp sting allergy, are best treated by a series of desensitization shots. This treatment makes the person less allergic so that a sting becomes much less dangerous.

What are some Common Allergens & Food Allergies?
Article Name
What are some Common Allergens & Food Allergies?
It 's not always easy to identify allergens. To avoid suffering from allergies, figure out which food cause problems for you. Here is how you identify allergens

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