10 Useful Hints and Tips for iPhone

10 best tips for iPhone users

Here are the best and the most useful tips for iPhone users.

Tips for iPhone 1 – Skipping backups

Are you annoyed by having to wait for your iPhone to backup every time you are synchronizing your phone? Well, here is a fast solution. Just deactivate this facility! Follow the below tips for to deactivate it.

Quit iTunes and open Terminal (HD -> Applications -> Utilities). Type the following and press return: defaults write com.apple.iTunes AutomaticDeviceBackupsDisabled-bool true. iPhone

From now on, you may back up manually by right-clicking your iPhone in the source list and choosing ‘Back Up”.

Tips for iPhone 2 – End a call quickly

Need to end a call quickly? Simply press Sleep. This will end the call and automatically lock your iPhone.

Tips for iPhone 3 – A hanging phone?

Do you experience problems with programs constantly hanging, making your phone unbearably slow? Simply restart the iPhone as this will restore almost all functionalities on your phone.

tips for iphone

tips for iphone

Tip 4 – Docking Audio

A number of users do not know, or forget, that there is an audio port at the back of the iPhone’s dock. Here you can plug a speaker and start loud music!

Tip 5 – Sending SMS’s to more than one person

Need to send an SMS to more than one person? Simply type a new name after the first recipients’ name was entered.

Tip 6 – The iPhone as storage device

Did you know that you can use your iPhone as a storage device? Simply install the DataCase application. Every time you launch DataCase your iPhone will appear as a remote file server. Even more useful, surrounding computers can also connect to your iPhone and copy files to it.

Tip 7 – Need a quick business card?

Need a quick business card without spending a lot of money on it? Simply install the Nameo Application and you will have your own business card right on your iPhone!

Tip 8 – Moving icons

Press and hold any icon for longer than two seconds, and you will notice that all icons will begin to wiggle. You are now in a position to drag and drop icons to where you want them to appear!

Tip 9 – More weather info

Need to view more information on the weather than what is offered by your iPhone? Simply tap the ‘Y’ in the bottom left-hand corner and you will be taken to the Yahoo! Weather page for that city.

Tips for iPhone Tip 10 – DVD’s on your iPhone?

Sure, why not? Download and install the software program Handbrake for your Mac. With this program you can start ripping DVD’s to your computer, which are ready to play on your iPhone. Next you can use iSquint to optimize your iPhone and start watching full-length DVD’s at your leisure!

Properties of newer versions of iPhone may vary as these tips for iPhone were written keeping in mind the iPhone 3G.

10 Useful Hints and Tips for iPhone
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10 Useful Hints and Tips for iPhone
Here are the best and the most useful tips for iPhone users. Skipping backups, end call quickly, hanging phone, iphone storage device, moving icons..

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